Let’s All Rage About Stupid City Fines with John Oliver

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  • John Oliver was, as always, in fine form on yesterday’s “Last Week Tonight.” This week’s target of Oliver’s clever critique may not seem like a sexy subject: municipal fines. But just wait. Take all the rage you’ve ever felt from getting a traffic ticket and turn it up a notch. Because this is going to get hot.

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  • Can’t pay a fine? In some cities, you can sign up for a payment plan… that will charge you for the privilege of being on the plan. Or, as happened to one grandmother who couldn’t pay a ticket, the police might just haul you straight to jail. Because we all know the only way to stop parking violators is to through them in prison.

    It’s absurd. It’s rage-inducing. It’s classic John Oliver. It’s Monday morning, why not get angry?

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