This Rosy-Cheeked Kid Accidentally Shot His Computer Screen

Try this at home. It's hilarious.
By Jonathan Harris
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    Yeah, you see what was supposed to happen was – nothing. And then he’d add in machine gun special effects and look like a TOTAL FREAKING BADASS.

    Instead, he ended up getting legit violent on one of his monitors (yes, he has multiple, so don’t feel that bad for him), and “totally fuck[ing it up],” according to his mother, which, I would argue, makes him more of a TOTAL FREAKING BADASS than otherwise, especially if we add in some “Thug Life” music to this mixture.

    I’m not a video editor and our paid editors at What’s Trending are too busy with other stuff to honor this request. But, some of you must have plenty of spare time. C’mon, edit this Thug Life remix for me!