Woman Asks for Cigarettes, Yells at Strangers in Car

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  • First, watch this Vine that hit the front page of Reddit today.

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  • That Vine, well, the YouTube reposting of that Vine, is going viral today because it hit the front page of Reddit and nobody ever asks any questions.

    It’s just a crass six second video of a Southern woman carrying an entire 2-liter bottle, that she’s clearly drinking out of, asking some people in a car for a cigarette in front of a discount food store, right?

    She’s wearing a Reba shirt and the whole thing is timed so well.

    OF COURSE it’s fake.

    But who is that woman? It’s Chelcie Lynn, a Viner that focuses primarily on her character White Trash Tammy. She created, writes and performs the character for a growing audience of over 100,000 vine followers.

    Why is she refreshing, though?

    Well, in a world where we have Melissa McCarthy doing the worn out, polished and generally overdone and boring versions of characters like White Trash Tammy, Tammy herself (Chelcie Lynn’s, not Melissa McCarthy’s) comes off as so authentic that people will probably share her videos as “real” for years.

    The videos often have that “daily currant” quality where they’re just believable enough for lots of people to fall for them as real, but a simple Google search will reveal her as a staged character.

    Here are some more Vines of hers that people are probably going to be sharing as “real” (if they weren’t on Vine). This is why this YouTube repost is kind of a cool way to get stuff like this out there (especially since the person isn’t making any money off of the post).

    It makes it seem amateur and “found” which gives it the authenticity that the viral internet craves.

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  • And yes, it’s always crass and super low brow, but it really adds a palatable twist to what can otherwise be written off as just more blue collar comedy.

    She’s got more than just one note.

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  • And sure, there’s a lot of the same “immediate rage” formula on her channel, and the edits aren’t as polished as everyone coming up on Vine right now, but she’s definitely a great, authentic breath of fresh air whose videos will probably continue to fool people on the internet for a long time.

  • Source: vine.co / Via: vine.co

  • Just goes to show the awesomeness you can reveal when you look stuff up.

    Never trust the Internet. But always use it.

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