This Is What Swiss Comedians Think Americans Sound Like

Note: these people definitely exist.
By Jonathan Harris
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    Vincent Veillon and Vincent Kucholl host a Swiss radio/Internet show called 120 Seconds – this show frequently contains humorous sketches that we have no issue with. But, now they’ve gone too far. Now they’ve taken on the US of A and we have got to put our foot down!

    In the above segment, Kucholl plays Jeff Randl, an American snowboarder bro who smokes a lot of weed and says “motherfucker” a lot and pushes people out of the way because he is an American.

    Hey Kucholl (that sounds like cuckold, ha!) – in America, we spell the name “Randall.” What’s with you Europeans dropping off perfectly good vowels? Motherfucker.

    Now, one thing they definitely get right is that everybody has to speak goddamn English because it’s Jesus’ language. Kucholl is absolutely spot on with the following quote.

    “They don’t speak fuckin’ Germanies or French Fries, motherfucker.”

    Now please get out of my way. I’m an American.