Louis CK Tells the Story of Ruining Jimmy Fallon’s Chance to Star in a Show

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  • It’s hard to make it in comedy. Even heavy hitters like Louis CK and Jimmy Fallon had to start somewhere. And just like everyone else, they experienced plenty of rejection along the way. For example, Jimmy Fallon once wanted to work on short-lived 90’s show The Dana Carvey Show. Louis CK also worked on that show, and he didn’t like Jimmy. The full story came out when Louis CK was on The Tonight Show last night.

  • There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here. A few actually. One, never give up on your dreams. Fallon may not have made the cut for The Dana Carvey Show — which only lasted seven episodes — but he’s done alright in show business. Two, don’t shake your butt too much in auditions. It can weird people out.

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