Best Man Speech Brings Groom to Tears

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  • Wedding speeches are occasionally funny, sometimes embarrassing, and always heartfelt. It’s nearly impossible to encapsulate life-long admiration and affection between loved ones in a five-minute speech. But when one best man turns his “speech” into a personalized song medley, you can definitely feel the love.

    That’s exactly what Australian songwriter Daniel Buccheri did at his older brother Adrian’s wedding.

  • “I didn’t want to do a conventional speech,” Buccheri told The Huffington Post. “I do a lot of writing with my own music, so it seemed only fitting to do what I do best.”

    This best man’s best is a soaring musical medley that goes from Sam Smith to Elton John to Train to Backstreet Boys and even R. Kelly.

  • Buccheri lays out his love and respect for his brother in such complete and compelling terms, there’s not much to say afterwards. As he told HuffPo, “There were few words spoken after the speech, as we were all pretty emotional. Just a lot of hugging and crying.”

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