This Extreme Ice Bath Challenge is Obviously a Bad Idea

But attempting to sing "Let it Go" while actually frozen is genius
By Bailey Johnson
  • It’s hard to imagine, but there are people out there who willingly immerse themselves in ice water. Supposedly there are health benefits to subjecting yourself to this frosty treatment. Athletes do it after training. Scandinavians do it for fun, because they’re all vikings who love snow (generalizing a little bit). The point is, some people like it!

    The guys in this video are not those people.

  • The boys at Good Mythical Morning decided to take the ice bath challenge to the EXTREME (emphasis theirs). Can Rhett and Link survive eight minutes in a freezing tub? Can they do it while singing “Let it Go” from Frozen? Can ice baths possibly be good for you? Answers can be found in this very funny video from two very funny — and now hypothermic — people.