Woman Finds Two Way Mirror in Creepy Bar’s Ladies Room

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  • A comedian in Chicago made the incredibly unsettling discovery of a two-way mirror in the ladies’ room of a bar. The absurn invasion of privacy, documented in the video above, prompted a lengthy tirade from comedian Tamala Rocks, as well as an unhinged response from the bar owner.

    Writing in the YouTube description, Rocks shares what she found when using the bathroom of Cigars and Stripes, “When I went to use the restroom last night in Berwyn, IL, I noticed a full-length mirror opposite of the toilet. Curious, I explored and discovered that it was two-way mirror, the door behind it cut away to allow an unobstructed view of the toilet …and anyone who may be using it.”

    She goes on to state explicitly why this is completely unacceptable, “there was a cleaning closet behind a door with a large cutout, AND A TWO-WAY MIRROR allowing an unobstructed view of the toilet. There was no one in there at the time of discovery- thankfully. And there could have been. And maybe there has been. And maybe they were watching, or maybe more. Maybe there have been videos. Videos that women have no idea they are in and now are floating around without their knowledge… or consent. Maybe.”

    As a bizarre counterpoint to this obvious invasion of privacy, the bar owner spoke with Jezebel. Owner Ronnie Lottz defended the mirror, saying, “I will burn this fucking place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror.”

    Apparently he is happy for the free publicity, and refuses to admit any sort of wrongdoing.

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