Amy Schumer’s Summer Pop Anthem “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup”

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  • If Inside Amy Schumer isn’t one of the best feminist comedy shows on television right now, it’s definitely the catchiest. The Comedy Central star owned the Internet just a few weeks ago with 2015’s best booty jam “Milk Milk Lemonade”. Now she’s back with another banger, this one aimed directly at bands like One Direction. “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” is a perfect parody of the type of outwardly kind messages that are actually kind of insidious.

    The whole “girl you’re so beautiful, but you need me to tell you how beautiful you are” type of boy band song needs to be taken down. Schumer, as always, is completely on point in regards to modern culture. Also, this song is a total jam. We don’t know who writes the music on Inside Amy Schumer (if we had to guess, we’d go with a team of extremely talented writers) but they are killing it in 2015.

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