Sylvester Stallone Returns to ‘Tulsa King’ Season 2 After On Set Controversy

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Sylvester Stallone is back to work on the second season of Tulsa King without addressing the accusations of a ‘toxic’ set.

The Paramount+ series recently came under fire as What’s Trending previously reported on accusations that the show’s unnamed directors were responsible for making fun of background actors who were mocked by both Stallone and crew for their appearances.

On Monday, Stallone did not address the recent controversy in his Instagram post. The cinema star from the 1970s was seen in a lavender suit as his character Dwight “The General Manfredi.”

What fans did see was the actor letting many know that he was indeed still on set of the series.

Tulsa King comes from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and has been in the news cycle over the last few weeks.

“Ringing the bell on location for Tulsa King part two,” Stallone captioned the on-set image.


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In the midst of the accusations, Catrett Lock casting announced they would be leaving the production alongside two other agencies.

On Monday, the casting group announced it would ‘part ways’ with the show after it became aware of the on set behavior between Stallone and a director on the show.

In addition, Rose Lock Casting cut ties with the production on April 9 when the news emerged that Stallone and a director on set reportedly referred to a background colleague as “ugly,” “tub of lard” and “fat guy with cane.”

Rose Locke also admitted that she decided to pull out of the show after a set visit was described as displaying a “clear toxic environment that I was not comfortable putting myself or background artists in,” as was seen in two screenshots circulated by a writer not affiliated with Tulsa King on on April 9.

Sylvester Stallone in 'Tulsa King."
Sylvester Stallone in ‘Tulsa King.” PHOTO: Brian Douglas/Paramount+

SAG-AFTRA has also spoken out on the situation stating: “There is no room on any set for disparaging comments to background actors or any performers.”

The director working on the episode who also functions as the show’s overall director and executive producer, has since denied the claims. Craig Zisk told TMZ that the extras were improperly cast by Lock and that rather than middle-aged, he had asked for “hip, young” background actors in the 25- to 35-year-old range for a bar scene.


Zisk went on to mention that he kept the allegedly miscast extras and that they were ‘polite and did their jobs’

He also went on to note defending Stallone stating that there was never a comment requiring “pretty girls” in his presence.

The denial from Zisk was also corroborated by by some actors in the Facebook group, who indicated that nothing strange or ugly took place on set. “I observed nothing out of the ordinary, nothing different than any of the other Background Acting experiences I have been involved in,” wrote one. “I noticed nothing out of the ordinary onset,” added another.

Tulsa King follows Stallone’s fresh-out-of-prison mobster working to build a new crime empire in Oklahoma. Its debut season was one of Paramount+’s most watched series.

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