Sylvester Stallone Accused of Creating ‘Toxic Environment’ On Set of ‘Tulsa King’

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Sylvester Stallone has been accused of creating a ‘toxic environment’ according to a new report while filming the series ‘Tulsa King.’

The new Paramount+ production has been in the works in Atlanta.

As of late, background actors claim that that Stallone, 77, has been making disparaging comments among allegations as well.

Rose Locke, the casting company on “Tulsa King,” has quit the series.

The new addition to Paramount+ was created by “Yellowstone” showrunner Taylor Sheridan. The second film has been in the works in Georgia while season 1 premiered back in November 2022.

The first season of the show was filmed in Oklahoma.

Paramount has been made aware of the claims that has sparked quite the discussion online.


TV writer Julie Benson drove a lot of the conversation online via X and shared screenshots claiming: “Got this disturbing news from my Atlanta friend who’s background on Tulsa King this wk. Casting agent quit because she was so disgusted. My friend is feeling anxious about working now.@TheSlyStallone what do you have to say for yourself, sir? Beyond disappointed, I’m livid.”

In the post, many saw screenshots from a Facebook status with a blurred user name. The post showed that Stallion was hear saying to the show’s director “What the F*** is happening with these F****** ugly background.”

The post went on to mention, “He and the director proceeded to call certain people terrible names and laughed at them,” giving specifics.

And then, “Sly said, ‘Bring in pretty young girls to be around me.’”

Jennifer Flavin, the star’s wife, was on set the entire time during filming.

Other screenshots int he post detail an email from Locke detailing that she had gone to the set after being ‘informed of certain things.’


One of the show’s unnamed directors allegedly called some of the extras “ugly,” “tub of lard” and “fat guy with cane.”

In the email obtained by Variety, Locke stated “At the end of the day I resigned because it was a clear toxic environment that I was not comfortable putting myself or background artists in.”

Locke also apologized to all the email’s recipients, and included her phone number to solicit information about anything people experienced or “saw or heard. I will be sending the info to HR.”

Deadline reported that the news about the alleged behavior on the “Tulsa King” set was picked up by other Facebook pages for background actors, including one run by Dee Dee McDaniel Simmons of South Carolina.

“Several groups are talking about what happened on the set of ‘Tulsa King’ filming in Atlanta,” she wrote. “At first I had hoped it was just a bad rumor started by 1 person who may have felt some type of way; but there have been countless people who were on set and have stated what they saw, how they were treated, etc.

“Sadly Sly Stallone and crew made things miserable for the background artists and many have said the set was completely unprofessional and a total mess. Although I have not personally worked with Rose Locke & CL Casting … I have great respect for them for pulling out of the project and looking out for their background artists.”

According to TMZ, “Tulsa King” director/producer Craig Zisk denied Locke’s allegations, and said no insults were ever uttered by anyone on the set.

Rose Lock Casting’s Facebook page noted as of April 7: “We wanted to send you an update on the happenings here in our casting world. We have chosen to part ways with Tulsa King. We will be finishing up next week and the 12th will be our last day. We send well wishes to whomever takes over the show. We thank all of you great background artists for your continued support.”

The note is signed “Love You Mean It, Rose, Bailey, Chicago, Patrick and Robb.”


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