#HowOldRobot: Why Everyone is Asking This Robot to Guess Their Age

Microsoft app wants to guess how old you are, Internet dwellers oblige
By Bailey Johnson
  • Microsoft recently unveiled its newest app, How Old Do I Look. Simply upload a photo of yourself and a robot will try to guess how old you are. It can be surprisingly accurate, and also hilariously not.

    The Internet jumped on the app. If you’re been seeing #HowOldRobot on your feeds all day, this is why. Some of the best tweets come from fictional faces. Lord of the Rings‘ Gandalf is only 64 according to how-old.net. (He’s actually over 2,000 years old, duh.)

  • Via: twitter.com

  • It’s not totally clear what How Old Am I is actually supposed to do. In all likelihood, it’s just one of many tests giant corporations are going to run on face-recognition technology in preparation for our inevitable Minority Report future. But until then, check out this app!