Bill Murray Jumped Out of a Cake for David Letterman

Plus: highlights from Murray's many, many "Late Show" appearances
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Bill Murray has been on the Late Show with David Letterman many, many times over his career. For his final appearance on the show before Letterman retires, Murray obviously wanted to go out with a bang. And what better way to do that then to jump out of a cake?

  • It’s a funny bit, but there is obvious emotion in this final guest appearance. Murray and Letterman go way back — Bill was actually the first guest Dave ever had on his show way back in 1982. Back then, the Late Show was on NBC. Ten years later, when the show moved to CBS, who was the first guest Letterman called? Bill Murray.

    No matter what your feelings are about David Letterman retiring, you can guarantee that Bill Murray is sad to see him go. Check out this montage of Bill’s appearances on the Late Show over the years:

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