Harry Shearer Totally Called Out Brock Baker on Facebook!

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  • 14 Simpsons Impressions (Harry Shearer Characters)

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    A few weeks back, Harry Shearer – who provides the voices of Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers and many more beloved “Simpsons” characters – announced that he would not be returning to the show. In response, and as a tongue in cheek “audition,” our ol’ What’s Trending YouTube pal Brock Baker posted the above video, doing impressions of all (okay, fine, MOST) of the characters Shearer would be leaving voiceless.

    The video turned out to be a mega-hit and got picked up all over the media. Evidently, it also came to the attention of one Harry Shearer, who seems to have replied today on Facebook with the following:

  • Harry shearer   one man s definition  imitating real people is

    Well, hey, he said it was just “one man’s opinion,” right? That’s like the middle-aged white guy version of putting “jk lol” at the end of a snarky text.

    A lot of Shearer’s own Facebook fans took issue with the post, particularly as it would mean that “The Simpsons” would have to stop featuring any of the characters he voiced (at least 10-15% of the total), or else be branded for all time as a “knockoff.”

  • Harry shearer   one man s definition  imitating real people is

    Brock responded to the post, briefly, on Twitter.

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