How Apple Went From Innovator to Imitator

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  • For a company that prides itself on innovation, it doesn’t seem like Apple has been doing a whole lot of innovating recently. The iPad is five years old, new iPhones aren’t much more than incremental improvements over previous versions, and iTunes is being supplanted with ever-more-popular streaming services. So what’s a technology mega-corporation to do? If Apple’s recent World Wide Developer’s Conference is any indication, their plan is: if you can’t innovate, imitate.

    Using video from WWDC 2015 spliced with previous conferences from other companies, Gizmodo has put together all of the big announcements from Apple and points out that none of them are exactly new. Of course, companies rip each other off all the time — especially in the tech world. So it’s not a slamming indictment of Apple, just a pointer that “hey, these famous innovators aren’t really innovating anything.”

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