Chuck Palahniuk Reads “Fight Club” Kids Book

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  • Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club created a cult following of rebellious anarchy-loving dudes who want to tear down the emasculating structure of our society – but now those dudes are getting older, settling down and having kids, so Palahniuk has to adapt to the times.

    Palahniuk is releasing Fight Club 2, a comic book (sorry, graphic novel) sequel to his novel about a nameless narrator and his dangerously charismatic friend Tyler Durden who start a club where men beat each other senseless to reassert their masculinity. While he’s at it, he teamed up with Mashable for a spoof video about the children’s book version of Fight Club, where boys “horse around” and have fun and everybody lives happily ever after. He keeps lapsing into ultra-violent fantasies as he reads it aloud, but hey, points for effort.

    As a bonus, this video will help Palahniuk settle the question of how on earth you pronounce his name. I’ve been saying it wrong for years.

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