Shia LaBeouf Freestyle Raps About Potatoes, Shoes, Transformers

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  • Shia LaBeouf, once a successful actor, is now something else. A performance artist, maybe? That seems like the best description for what Shia’s been up to these days. It’s been a month since the greatest motivational rant in history popped up online. Now the Beoufster is back with some dope freestyle rhymes. This video surfaced over the weekend, showing the shirtless star spitting fire.

    “If you could give me the shoe, yo, you know the shoe fits,” LaBeouf boasts. “and this Jew do spew shit and shit’s sick.”

    Over the video, LaBeouf covers potatoes, tuna casserole, Galileo, even a sweet Transformers burn. Look, we came into the video expecting to make fun of Shia’s weak rhymes. But just like how that bonkers motivational video was actually pretty damn motivating, LaBeouf’s freestyle flow actually isn’t that bad. So good on you, Shia. Just do it, indeed!

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