Girls With Gluten Are Taking Over Instagram

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  • The latest food-centric internet trend to catch everyone’s attention is “Girls with Gluten” on Instagram – it’s like a less-bitchy version of “You Did Not Eat That,” distant cousin to “Women Laughing Alone with Salad.”

    The account features women from all walks of life shamelessly eating their bread, pizza and cake (or sometimes making duck-faces at it). It also invites people to take selfies while enjoying delicious carbs and tag the picures #girlswithgluten to be featured. It’s like an online celebration of the female bread-and-cake-eating community.

    I’m going to dock “Girls with Gluten” a couple of points for apparently being an advertising gimmick for something called “Dirty Lemon Detox,” but overall I highly approve. Here are some favorites.

  • I dream about bread all the time, too.

    Gluten 1
  • That’s just WASTING gluten, really.

    Gluten 2
  • Mmm, fried dough balls with sugar.

    Gluten 3
  • This lady’s trying really hard to distract you from all that gorgeous dessert.

    Gluten 4

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