The Worst Movie Special Effects Ever

Cinematic masterpieces, all of them.
By Christine Linnell
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  • It’s a compilation of the worst movie special effects ever, if by “worst ever” you mean AWESOME.

    This video has a roundup of the most hilariously bad moments in all the movies I now want to watch this weekend, including Kurt Russell surfing down a canal in “Escape from L.A.,” the mega-sharks in “Deep Blue Sea,” the shark from “Jaws 3,” the sharks from “Shark Attack 3,” “Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus” – just a lot of really bad sharks. And who could forget the ridiculous birds from “Birdemic,” starring What’s Trending’s own Whitney Moore!

    Lest you think it’s all just cheesy low-budget films, we’ve also got The Rock as a giant half-dude-half-scorpion in “The Mummy Returns,” the plane crash from “Air Force One,” the dinosaurs from Peter Jackson’s “King Kong,” Jabba the Hut in the the revamped “Star Wars” trilogy, and James Bond in “Die Another Day.”