The breakout stars performed to a live audience of lucky fans at our #AskArtist event.
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    Wesley Stromberg and Kenney Holland’s new music project The Balcony has just gotten started, but they’re already living the dream – and part of that included a show with a lucky group of fans on the roof of Siren Studios for our #AskArtist series, overlooking Sunset Boulevard and the Hollywood Sign.

    The two Vine stars, who each built up a following of millions before teaming up, performed their new single “Fire” from their EP “The Project” at the private event last week.

    “That song’s kind of about life and how crazy it is,” Kenney said.

    “We’re young and we’re enthused and we’re gettin’ it, and we’re happy and hard-working,” Wesley added. “And also there’s a little bit of romance in there.”