Meghan Tonjes: What’s Trending Podcast Ep. 6

YouTube’s most outspoken singer/songwriter talks Tinder, #BootyRevolution and internet drama.
By Christine Linnell

  • Singer/songwriter Meghan Tonjes has been in the spotlight a lot lately, so she had plenty to talk about on the latest episode of the What’s Trending Podcast with Shira Lazar, Lon Harris and Hayley Hoover.

    Fresh from the controversy over family vloggers Sam and Nia getting kicked out of Vlogger Fair, Meghan explained how she wound up in the middle of the drama on social media.

    “When I saw [Sam] tweet that essentially they were getting kicked out because vloggers are bullies and people are jealous, Truth Tonjes came out real fuckin’ quick. I was like, ‘No one wants to trade places with you right now.’”

    She also talked about the New York Post trolling YouTubers like Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart.

    “[YouTubers] at that level who have been around this long, everybody has a sense of humor about it for the most part,” she said. “They don’t take it too seriously, but they’re also content and secure in what they’re doing. So when traditional media comes after them, they’re like ‘All right, and I’m going to continue paying my rent with this fake internet money, and working from home without pants on.’”

    Listen on Soundcloud or download the podcast on iTunes for these discussions, as well as Meghan’s thoughts on her own podcast, taking the perfect butt photo and her adventures on Tinder:

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