Denny’s Reaches Out to Burger King After “McWhopper” Snub

McDonald’s doesn’t want to team up with Burger King, but Denny’s will totally do it!
By Christine Linnell
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    Remember that awkward thing last week where Burger King was like “Hey McDonald’s, let’s team up and make a McWhopper for world peace!” and McDonald’s was like “No, screw you, losers”? Well, now Denny’s is jumping up and down waving their arms in the air going “WE’LL DO IT, BURGER KING!”

    Following the McDonald’s snub, Burger King wrote an open letter to Denny’s, Wayback Burgers, Krystal and Giraffas, inviting them to join in instead. And Denny’s is all about it.

    “We love the idea of a peace burger,” Denny’s explains with their new video. “We’re just not sure what to call this thing. Any ideas? Let’s take our signature Slamburger™ with your classic Whopper™ and bring them together for a good cause.”

    A Slamburger, by the way, is a greasy cheeseburger layered with hash browns, a fried egg and bacon. It’s basically all the calories you’d need for more than 24 hours. So sure, let’s just throw a Whopper in there too, why not. Most of Denny’s customers are usually drunk and/or hungover, they’ll totally eat it.