Zoey 101 Time Capsule Bombshell

Zoey 1-OMG-1
By Ashley McGetrick
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  • PCA alum, buckle up on your Jet-Xs. The Zoey/Chase saga is back to toy with your pre-teen hearts.

    Legendary Nickelodeon producer Dan Schnieder uploaded a YouTube video on Friday called “What Did Zoey Say?” featuring the all-grown-up Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn), Michael Barrett (Christopher Massey) and the very infamous time capsule Zoey buried on PCA’s campus. Back in Season 2 (the 15th episode to be exact), Zoey’s teacher, Mr. Bender, has the students create a time capsule and each put in one item that “best represents themselves”. Zoey makes a DVD of some major confessions and Chase spends the rest of the episode (and probably his life) trying to figure out what she said. Zoey jokes that he can totally watch the video! … In ten years. Ugh.

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  • That episode aired on September 18, 2005. Yes, EXACTLY 10 years from this past Friday. (don’t worry, Chase forgot about it too.) So Schnieder made true on his word to Chase and the rest of the world. Cut to adult Chase sitting in a cafe with his Zoey-look-alike girlfriend, about to have a rather lackluster proposal. In barges, Michael while Chase is mid-proposal, reminding him of the time capsule. They frantically search for a DVD player (which is weirdly and sadly, impossible to find.) Then Michael is like “don’t worry dude, I have an exact transcription right here in my pocket!”. Casual.

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  • To find out what she said, you’ll just have to watch. But TRUST us, it’ll give you all the 2005-feels.

    The video ends with a mysterious “to be continued…?”. We’re seriously hoping that question mark was a typo and there is more to come. Just don’t make us wait 10 more years.