Watch Someone’s Perfect Revenge on Package-Stealing Thief

The homeowner got his package back, AND something extra for police.
By Christine Linnell
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    Here’s a trend we don’t like so much: people driving around following FedEx and UPS trucks so they can steal packages off other people’s porches. But this homeowner in Concord, California was able to do something about it, and catch it all on camera.

    Surveillance video from the man’s house shows someone attempting to steal a package from his front porch, but the thief gets caught in the act and drops the box as the homeowner chases him back to his car. He manages to escape, but not before the homeowner reaches into the passenger-side window and swipes a woman’s purse so he could give her ID to the police.

    Here’s the thing that intrigues me: the thief’s wife/girlfriend was riding around in the car with him while he stole stuff, which meant she must have been fine with it – but then why not be his getaway driver so they could escape faster and not lose her purse to the cops? She was just no help at all.

    (I’m glad they got caught, obviously. Stealing is bad.)