Girl Proudly Admits She’s a Cheater on “Jimmy Kimmel”

It was apparently the most impressive thing she's ever done.
By Christine Linnell
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    In honor of the Nobel Prize this week, Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street, “What’s the most impressive thing you’ve ever done?”

    Answers included getting married (then divorced), saving a cat, eating a Fatburger and getting a picture on the wall, a senior prank about a penis, driving a motorcycle (I think she meant jet ski) across the ocean, and giving a public speech at school about fashion crimes.

    And then there was an attractive blonde girl who said she cheated on her boyfriend without him finding out. “It’s an old boyfriend,” she clarified, “not the one I’m with now.”

    She said she cheated with a famous athlete and that she couldn’t say his name, but then she gave away his initials, his sport and his team, so it was pretty easy to figure out who he was.

    So, when does she get her medal?