Bart Baker’s “What Do You Mean” Parody Ft. Shira Lazar!

Justin Bieber is confused by everything in the latest Bart Baker video.
By Christine Linnell
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    We never miss Bart Baker’s music video parodies here at What’s Trending, but we made an extra special point to watch his new spoof of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean,” featuring our CEO Shira Lazar as Bieber’s lingerie-clad girlfriend.

    Yep, there’s my boss’s butt, all right.

    In Baker’s parody, not only is Justin Bieber confused about what his girlfriend means when she says “no,” he’s also vague on how doorknobs work, what ice cream is made out of, what his arms are and what gravity is.

    Bieber fans won’t be pleased, but at least Bart will get plenty of angry comments to make fun of later. And now we can all fully appreciate Shira’s acting skills. Somebody get this lady a career in comedy!