Doggie + Water Balloon = Awesome

Giant water balloons are fun for everybody!
By Christine Linnell
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    You know how the Slow Mo Guys love to fill up giant water balloons and film them popping in slow motion? Turns out it’s even funnier when dogs are involved.

    This curious and trusting Golden Retriever was invited to check out a giant water balloon, and climbed on top of it to see what it was – and of course it popped, engulfing the dog in a mid-air puddle for a second and leaving him very confused. He probably spent another ten minutes freaking out because he broke something, poor dog. But hey, it’s funny and adorable.

    Pets and water balloons are YouTube gold. Here’s another video of a dog attacking a pile of water balloons on a trampoline. It’s as satisfying as popping bubble wrap.

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  • In the interest of fairness, here’s a cat.

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    (Friendly reminder that there’s a drought in California, please use water responsibly.)