Boy Bullied Over His Shoes Gets The Best Gift Ever

This an example of a grade-A person in training y'all.
By Sara Parra
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  • After watching this adorable video, you’re going to want to pay-it-forward too!

    The day after watching his classmate being bullied because of his shoes, this kid decides to extend a kindness to his fellow by presenting him with a brand new pair of Nike LeBrons.

    Originally posted to Facebook, a woman named Rachele Pizzuti, claiming to be the generous child’s mother commentated saying, “He came home so upset that the kids at school wouldn’t stop picking on this kid for his shoes, he begged me to get him shoes. Begged. I could barely buy him shoes but I had extra money that week so we got him shoes and he brought them in for him the next day.”

    LeBron James himself commented about the video on Instagram saying, “You’re going to great places kid for your generosity towards him. True leadership right there!”