Reddit Inspires 93 Year-Old Man To Make Videos Again

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  • 93 year-old Wally Krauss had given up on creating videos for his YouTube channel three years ago. Little did he know, that when Reddit user im_not stumbled upon his channel, it would be revived in full force!

    After posting a single video from Krauss’ channel, the senior video creator was delighted to find multiple requests to begin uploading once more. His latest opus is dedicated to the Redditors who inspired him to begin uploading videos once more.

    He even uploaded two videos in one day!

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  • Krauss has been playing the piano for 79 years, and will be celebrating his 94th birthday on January 14th.

    Our host Anna Lore has more on Reddit’s reaction to their new favorite YouTuber (at least until a new wacky internet trend comes along to distract them):

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