All of Star Wars in Three Minutes

So you don't ever have to watch the prequels again.
By Rachel Kiley
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  • If you’re anything like me and you never managed to suffer through all of the Star Wars prequels, there may be some gaps in your franchise knowledge. Alternately, you may have watched them and devoted the last decade to scrubbing them furiously from your brain. Either way, the day is soon coming when The Force Awakens will be released in theaters, and movie buff traditions usually call for a full viewing of previous films in such a scenario to properly prepare. Yikes.

    Fortunately, if you have no desire to actually sit through the antics of Jar Jar and mini-Anakin, a very concise, plot-focused condensation of all six of the Star Wars films has now been released on YouTube. So sit back, grab a kernel or five of popcorn, and watch this before you jump into A New Hope. And definitely before December 18.