Walmart Says This Woman’s Inspiring Viral Video is Not True

The message is true, but the story might be a hoax.
By Christine Linnell
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    An important thing to keep in mind for the holiday season – don’t be horrible to customer service people. You don’t know what they might be going through.

    Even if this viral story about a Walmart employee is a hoax designed to launch a woman’s motivational speaking career.

    Paige Yore went viral over the weekend for this Facebook video about shopping at a Walmart in Pueblo, Colorado. A frustrated old woman was berating the young man behind the cash register because he was making mistakes and taking a long time to ring up her purchases. Yore, standing behind the woman in line, was annoyed at the delay but noticed the young man seemed to be struggling with something.

    She said she stood up for him – and was startled when he hugged her and completely broke down. Eventually he pulled himself together and admitted his mother had just committed suicide that morning. Struggling to hold back tears herself, Yore recounted how he’d said “I have to work, because I have to pay our rent and I have to pay our bills, and I don’t even have a mom anymore.”

    The video blew up over the last few days, amassing over 21 million views on Facebook and being shared more than 750,000 times.

    Now, however, the Walmart in question is saying the story is not true.

    A representative from the store said they reviewed surveillance video and saw no evidence of any yelling, hugging or donating money. They also said they talked to the employee and he said his mother is alive, and he doesn’t know who the woman in the video is talking about. Walmart would not release the surveillance video of the encounter, however.

    Yore, for her part, is sticking to her story. She said she visited every Walmart in Pueblo, but couldn’t find the cashier. She said she would still like to find him and help him.

    What’s Trending host Ava Gordy has more on people’s responses – including the inevitable Reddit commenter who was suspicious about this video from the start.

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