Watch This High Schooler Land an Amazing Basketball Shot

The player from Austin, Minnesota scored a shot from all the way across the court.
By Christine Linnell
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    It’s not every day you get to re-enact the unbelievable ending to a Disney channel basketball movie.

    Or be the dude whose mistake allowed the other team’s miracle win to happen, for that matter.

    Oman Oman of the Austin Packers high school team scored the basket of a lifetime as his team was down two points with less than two seconds on the clock. The other team was up for a free-throw and about to close the game when the other guy missed his shot, and Oman managed to grab the rebound and hurl it across the court just before the buzzer sounded.

    He had amazing aim or amazing luck or both, because the shot went in and won the game for his team, who immediately went ballistic and stormed the court. (Meanwhile the guy who missed his free-throw must have wanted the floor to swallow him on the spot.)

    Oman Oman is getting a ton of love from his team’s Twitter, who are retweeting every article about him they can find. (Retweet this one, guys!)

    Let’s watch that shot again:

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