Serena Williams Won Sportsperson of the Year & Horse Fans are OUTRAGED

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    Serena Williams is one of our generation’s most impressive athletes, having won three out of four Grand Slam tournaments this year; so it’s easy to see why she was named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year for 2015.

    Unless you’re really into racehorses.

    Fans of American Pharaoh, the horse who became the first to win the Triple Crown since 1978, are mad that Williams won the award, even though the horse got the most fan votes for Sportsperson (PERSON, SportsPERSON) of the Year.

    In response, Sports Illustrated pointed out the incredible accomplishments of human athletes this year, like Lionel Messi and Steph Curry, who all received hundreds of thousands of fewer votes than the horse. Meanwhile, sports reporters and comedians have been enjoying themselves immensely.

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    As for Serena herself, she thanked Sports Illustrated on her Instagram, saying:

    “This year was spectacular for me. For SportsIllustrated to recognize my hard work, my dedication, and my sheer determination gives me hope to continue on and do better. As I always say, it takes a village, it’s not just one person. This is not just an accomplishment for me, but for my whole team. I am beyond honored. I love you guys. 2016? #letsdoit”

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