Married Couple Goes to American Idol, Only One Gets Through

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  • It’s always so awkward when you see a married couple bickering with each other in public after they just got done serenading Jennifer Lopez with a ukulele.

    Jordan and Alex Sasser, along with their adorable 9-month-old baby daughter named Westlund, appeared on “American Idol” and auditioned together. Alex performed first, singing Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me” and strumming a ukulele, which was cute but not amazing. The judges said no.

    Then it was Jordan’s turn. He sang Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me” and the judges loved it, and sent him on to Hollywood.

    That’s when things turned a bit sour. After tearfully accusing Jordan of distracting the judges by playing with the baby while she was performing, she said, “I’ve never been good enough, and I watch you follow your dream, and it’s heartbreaking!” while her flustered husband tried to comfort her.

    Jordan Sasser has since said on his Twitter that American Idol edited the footage to make it seem worse than it was – though I’m not sure what context would make that confrontation sound any better – and said Alex is very excited for him.

    Here’s the full audition:

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