Man Pulls a Kanye at People’s Choice Awards, Gets Kicked by Sharon Osbourne

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  • Not every interruption at an awards show is worthy of a meme – sometimes it just makes the stage-crasher look stupid.

    At the People’s Choice Awards, the ladies from CBS’ show “The Talk” were receiving their award for Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team when some random dude in a red leather jacket pulled the microphone away from Sara Gilbert and started rambling about rapper Kevin Gates.

    If he was hoping they’d be too startled to react, he quickly learned his mistake when Sheryl Underwood pushed him away and Sharon Osbourne gave him a parting kick in the leg.

    “You ain’t gonna pull no Steve Harvey up in here!” Underwood yelled after him. She probably meant Kanye’s “I’mma let you finish” moment, but hey – it was still a man making an ass of himself on stage.

    Osbourne later told People that she had absolutely no regrets about kicking him, and that he chose to pull the stunt during their speech because they’re women:

    ”It annoyed me because we were so excited to be there, so excited to have won and Sarah was giving her speech and it was her time. She produced the show, she thought of the show, it was her time and for some want-to-be to come on and try and get attention during our time, it was like, ‘Nah. You picked the wrong group of women to do this with, sorry.’ You say you love music? Why didn’t you pick this when one of the music artists were on, not on our time when you saw five ladies that do daytime TV, you thought that we would be a pushover, that’s why you chose us. He didn’t think he’d get his ass whipped.”

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