Conan O’Brien Tests His Boundaries With The TBS Censor

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  • In the tradition of past videos such as him joining Grindr and hanging out with his interns , this time Conan O’Brien visits the TBS censor to test his boundaries.

  • Now that Conan has moved to cable, the comedian meets the man who has the say on what he can and cannot do on TBS. Conan, shocked by the many unexpected restrictions cable censors, starts off by listing a bunch of phrases that may be inappropriate like names for male genitalia such as “The Super Soaker,” “Manaconda,” and “Sir Dangles.” Conan hilariously goes on to ask whether certain phrases for sex positions and female anatomy are deemed inappropriate.

    The video continues with Conan asking the censor whether a few risque outfits would be allowed on air. Conan’s humor mixed with this obviously uncomfortable man’s responses make for a super funny video. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

  • To watch more of Conan’s YouTube videos, check out the #TeamCoco channel here

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