Pixar Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

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  • To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Pixar Animation Studios released this video of an in depth conversation about the history and evolution of their company. John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer, details how Pixar transformed itself from a technology and hardware company, to the iconic animation studio it is today.

    With the collaboration of innovative technology and inspirational storytelling, Pixar set itself apart from other studios. Lasseter explains that at Pixar the “art challenges the technology and the technology inspires the art.” Technological advances allowed them to make everything more dynamic like the fur on Sulley, the curls of Merida’s hair, and the water in “The Good Dinosaur.” The storytelling and the visuals work together to make the most realistic and relatable films.

  • Merida
  • Three decades of hard work has definitely paid off. Business Insider lists the most profitable Pixar films and we can see the immense rewards the company has reaped.

    The desire to use both innovative storytelling and technology in their films is the reason why we love Pixar so much. Their mission to tell unique but poignant stories makes us happy to have grown up with them.

    Happy 30th Anniversary!

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