‘Eviscerates’ Is Too Nice A Word For What John Oliver Did To Donald Trump

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  • John Oliver dedicated this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight to Donald Trump, his campaign for president, his history as a businessman and his brand. To be sure, it was not a flattering portrayal. Trump has repeatedly failed to live up to his reputation as a tough guy – his reaction to an accusation that he had short, stubby fingers in the 1980s is hysterically juvenile – and a successful businessman – his list of failed ventures involves magazines, vodka and even steaks.

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    But the most amazing part of Oliver’s segment was his call-to-action. He uncovered in a biography of the Trump family that an opportunistic ancestor changed the family name over 100 years ago from Drumpf.

    Drumpf is certainly a less appealing name than Trump. It sounds weaker, frumpier, and has an unamerican number of consonants.

  • And that’s exactly the reason why Last Week Tonight bought DonaldJDrumpf.com this week. They’re selling “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hats and even have a Chrome Browser extension that will change any “Trump” on your screen into a “Drumpf.” (It would make this article harder to read, of course, but still funny.)

    It doesn’t appear that the 20-minute disparaging has affected Trump, though. Though he’ll likely bring a bogus lawsuit against Oliver soon, he’s tweeting as usual this morning, including this little gem.

  • This is funny because a) Gandhi never said this, b) it most likely comes from a similar quote in 1918 by Nicholas Klein, a socialist and trade unionist, and c) Trump was just called out last week for retweeting a Gawker Twitter bot with a quote from notorious fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

    Sigh. And so the Trump train continues on.

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