See the Final Moments of Full House

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  • This is it, folks. We now officially live in a world where Full House has been brought back to life (for better or for worse). That can never be undone. The nostalgia is here.

    Several days before this morning’s announcement that Fuller House has been renewed for a second season, star John Stamos took to Instagram to share something that couldn’t be shared in a world that existed before social media. Something to make us even more nostalgic for a thing that, well, we have back now, in some frankensteined way or another. Three videos of the cast doing their final bows, and sharing their final on set hugs. (Until the reboot, of course.) If you ever loved the show, regardless of where the sequel series sits with you, the videos will probably make you tear up, at least a little. If you’re ready for that, you can find them here, here, and here.

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