Watch the second tallest building in the world grow in four years' worth of filming.
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  • Nothing like some beautiful time-lapse filmmaking to make you feel all Zen about humanity and the universe and stuff when you’re supposed to be working on a Friday afternoon.

    Shot by Joe Nafis, this stunning video shows the construction of the Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world. It’s 128 stories and features the longest single elevator journey in the world, rising 1,900 feet in under a minute.

    Nafis explained in the description:

    Construction had already begun when I arrived in the city in 2009. The site was a large hole in the ground with construction crews milling around pouring concrete for the base. I began exploring the city looking for views and locations that would serve as groundwork for this video. In 2011, I secured a location with unobstructed views of Lujiazui where I could just glimpse the tower peeking behind the 185m (607 feet) Aurora Plaza. I maintained a camera there for the next 4 years until the tower was completed. In the meantime I took hundreds of thousands of photos from various viewpoints around the city filling up around 8TB in the process. In all, over 1000 hours were dedicated to this project in exploring, shooting and post-processing.

    The tower was completed in the summer of 2015 – but not before a couple of Russian daredevils climbed all the way to the end of a crane on the rooftop and made an awesome, terrifying viral video about it.

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