Some mothers-to-be read or knit - this one practiced her contouring.
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  • You’ve got to hand it to this makeup artist – she is committed to her craft.

    New York woman Alaha Karimi went viral on Instagram after she posted a shot of herself putting on a full face of makeup while she was in labor at the hospital, giving birth to her daughter.

    “I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed,” she explained breezily, like taking a break from doing your eyeshadow to spasm with the pain of bringing a new life into the world is no big deal. “I only packed some of my favorite products in my hospital bag.”

    She helpfully tagged those products the post, so that you too can try the Glam Childbirth look.

    Now that her baby girl is here and doing fine, Alaha is a bit surprised at all the attention this is getting – 6.5 thousand likes and nearly 2.7 thousand comments, most of them positive but some of them not.

    “Some said I’m putting my looks before my baby’s health, but in reality, anyone who’s been through labor knows that it’s just a waiting game,” she said. “There was nothing I could do.”

    Anything a woman has to do to feel relaxed and confident during one of the most painful, stressful and happy moments of her life is fine by us.