“Batlexander Manilton” – This Batman/Hamilton Parody will Break the Internet

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  • The internet has permission to explode now. America’s favorite (fully grown) boy genius, Lin-Manuel Miranda, just tweeted about America’s saddest superhero.

  • YouTubers Turtle Cameron recently released a Batman/Hamilton parody called “Batlexander Manilton,” and it’s even better than it sounds. If you’re wondering – yes, a man in a Batman costume sings the lyric “Batlexander Manilton” in a sad, low croon. Yes, the Joker in this universe is Aaron Burr. Yes, you can add Commissioner Gordon to your list of Dads Who Remind Us of George Washington.

    It’s a 2016 miracle. We’ve been given 4 minutes and 21 seconds of perfectly timed and rhymed Batman lyrics set to the opening number from Hamilton.

  • Batman ben wyatt

    Source: Parks and Recreation, NBC

  • Even if you don’t love Batman (or if you’re SO DONE with the franchise after Batman vs. Superman), you’ll still probably love this riveting and almost frighteningly well-performed rendition of his origin story. Why? Because he’s “the night stalker, Gotham guarder covered in armor.” Because, let’s be real, we’re both complete and utter Hamilton trash.


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