Japan’s Innovative Way To Prevent Contamination

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    Japanese regulators just submitted approval to activate a huge frozen structure that will be used to form an underground barrier surrounding the Fukushima power plant, which has slowly been contaminating the water. In 2011, the power plant went into meltdown after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit.

    The structure’s construction was completed last month, and just in time too. After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, almost 800,000 tons of water was contaminated when the water plant structure was destroyed.

    The entire project cost over 312 million USD to complete, but it is a much-needed investment. Basically, the plan is to insert ridiculously long pipes underground, which will freeze the soil around the nuclear site, forming a mile long wall of ice around all things radioactive, preventing the contaminated water from seeping into the Pacific Ocean, and the rest of their water supply.

    It’s an amazing (but costly) investment, and if the project works out, it will be something people all over the world can use to prevent their water supply from going bad. Japan has outdone itself once again.

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