10 Times Colton Haynes Won Over Our Hearts On Instagram

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  • Colton haynes
  • Bravo, Colton Haynes! On Wednesday, May 5th, Haynes took the courageous step in coming out as gay in a brand new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

    While the “Arrow” heartthrob may have been out to most of his friends and family through his life, he never had addressed his sexuality publicly. After being told to ‘subdue’ his sexuality in Hollywood over the years (uhhh!), in fear of hurting his career, owning his truth was more important. Oprah would be so proud, Colton!

    Haynes who has garnered an army of fans on social media since his days on MTV’s “Teen Wolf” or the CW’s “Arrow”, has no doubt already inspired so many and we can’t wait to see what Haynes does next!

    To celebrate his big moment, we wanted to take you down memory lane and highlight some of Colton Hayne’s best Instagram moments that made us love the blossoming actor.

  • 1. His Heart

    Colton haynes 1
  • 2. His Humor

    Colton haynes 2
  • 3. His Fashion

    Colton haynes 3
  • 4. His Abs

    Colton haynes 4
  • 5. Those Eyes

    Those eyes
  • 6. That Chest Hair

    That chest hair
  • 7. His BFF status with Serena

  • 8. His love for Halloween

  • 9. His use of social media for good

  • 10. His Love for Animals

  • While our list could go on and on, we just are so proud of Colton! His story will help so many others out there. Make sure and keep up the conversation over on our Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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