Supercut: Matthew McConaughey’s Weird Noises

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  • It’s supercut time! If you’ve ever watched Matthew McConaughey’s films and thought to yourself, boy, he sure grunts and “oohs” and other noises that don’t translate into text well a lot, I wonder if anyone’s ever compiled all of them together into one complete, cacophonous video, then you are in luck! Because that’s exactly what someone did this week. Because why wouldn’t they.

    YouTube user Owenergy Studios claims this video contains every sound McConaughey makes from every movie and TV show throughout his entire career. We’re not going to sit here and watch them all and dispute them, but if they really compiled all of them, well, everyone has their hobbies, right? Now let’s just sit here and wait for the autotuned techno remix of this audio track.

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