Could Sebastian Stan Play a Young Luke Skywalker?

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  • It’s one of those nerdy coincidences that makes you wonder if there’s been a glitch in the Matrix or something.

    A clever Instagram user by the name of “morphy_me” made an interesting discovery recently: Photoshop the hair and face a bit, and Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier in Marvel’s “Captain America” films, is the spitting image of a young Luke Skywalker.

    Even Mark Hamill himself had to admit the resemblance, and has been riffing on the idea all week.

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  • It gets even weirder when you consider that both Luke Skywalker and Bucky Barnes lost an arm and had it replaced with a high-tech metal prosthetic.

    This has led to a bunch of fans begging Disney to cast Sebastian in an upcoming Star Wars film — as Luke’s son, maybe, or even the young Luke himself.

    It gets a bit tangled when you really think about it, though. First of all, we would need to clarify that Rey from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is not Luke’s daughter, as one popular fan theory claims, before we go around fan-casting his son. One mysterious long-lost child at a time, guys.

    And as for playing a young Luke, it’s an interesting idea — we’re getting a young Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich, after all — but I think it would be a bit weird, because we’ve already seen Young Luke, played by Mark Hamill in the original trilogy. It would have to be some arrangement where Hamill plays the boyish Skywalker, then Sebastian steps in to play an older, post-Return-of-the-Jedi Luke, and then Hamill comes back to play Old Luke.

    My only worry is that because Disney now owns both Marvel and “Star Wars” and both franchises keep growing exponentially, at some point they’ll just merge into each other like two galaxies colliding, and the Winter Soldier will have somehow been Luke Skywalker all this time.

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