GloZell Joins Us on the What’s Trending Podcast and Asks “Is You Okay?”

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  • GloZell Green joined Shira Lazar for the latest What’s Trending podcast!

    Green is on the heels of releasing her autobiography, “Is You Okay?” and tells us all about her book! According to GloZell, the book contains all mix of stories from getting started in comedy, to getting kicked out of the Tonight Show and her journey to becoming “YouTube” famous.

    Not too many people are aware of it, but GloZell is also a stand up comic, and when asked about her stand up comedy origins, she had this to say:

    “I was already outrageous and people already were “You should do stand up,” and I was like “Nooo,” and what had happened was I wasn’t even telling jokes I was telling what happened in my life and people were like (laughing) “I can’t believe it!” so that’s where the stand up came from, not telling the beginning, middle, end of a joke but telling the beginning, middle, end of a story.”

    From there, GloZell switched over to blogging, then switched over to YouTube when the blogging world slowed down (and she’s been there ever since).

    She also advised to take things like challenges that are trending and make them your own. When it comes to keeping up with trends, she credited her fans with helping her.

    Green has been with YouTube since establishing her channel in 2008. She’s had several viral videos, the first being “My Push up Bra will help me get my man,” and of course, her infamous cinnamon challenge video released in 2012.

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  • From there, GloZell’s audience grew immensely and propelled her to featured everywhere from Todrick Hall’s videos to Nickelodeon. The GloZell empire continue to expand when she launched GloZell Fest in 2015, a variety show featuring fellow YouTubers Sisaundra Lewis, Meghan Tonjes, Frankie Grande, Miranda Sings and Far Young.

    That same year, GloZell interviewed President Barack Obama and despite asking several pertinent questions, she went viral for accidentally calling The First Lady, the ‘First Wife’. In regards to the sheer amount of coverage her slight mistake received and if it bothered her, GloZell said, “No, not is this stage of the game, press is press is press.”

    Green had some other inspiring advice for those jumping into an industry that may be filled with the unknown, very much as YouTube was back when she first started:

    “Being the trailblazer is not always fun, but everything you do is dumb and stupid until you start makin’ money or the president invites you to his house.”

    Damn straight. GloZell Green’s book “Is You Okay?” is officially on shelves in bookstores all over the country! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to the What’s Trending Podcast on iTunes and get the chance to win your own signed copy of the book!

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