Cute Grandma Is Super Polite to Google

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  • It almost sounds like the setup to a joke, but it’s true: recently, a British grandmother asked Google a question so politely that half the internet downright lost it. We shouldn’t be too surprised — even when they’re angry, British people are polite. So a British grandmother (or “nan,” to use their word) doing something extra-politely is just further proof that the British Isles are more or less a parody of themselves.

    Here’s the tweet that sparked this story:

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  • Yep, British gentleman Ben Eckersley (a name that sounds like it belongs to a polo captain) tweeted out this pic of ol’ nan’s computer screen. Ever hear of screenshots, Ben? Ah, whatever, we can’t be too mad at you. After all, you’re sharing joy with the world. How much joy, you ask? About as much joy as is in this picture of Ben and his now-famous nan:

  • That’s a darn cute picture, folks. If you don’t like it, you can get off my lawn, because only people who embrace cute things are allowed to hang out on my lawn.

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