And someone was kind enough to compile the latter!
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  • Ah E3, the land of some of the greatest technology this side of the gaming industry, and the land of awkward pauses.

    As amazing as E3 is, it is admittedly a gathering place for a large group of people stereotypically known for their lack of social skills. Not all nerds/geeks/gamers are created equal, but that has not stopped the train of awkward moments that has plagued the events coverage since its inception.

    And someone was kind enough to cut it all into one single cringe-filled video.

    The worst part is, it’s not even most of the host’s fault. Most of the clips have been misfired trailers that didn’t start right away or pre-cut packages that played so late, the dead-air feels like minutes rather than seconds. Although, the one guy who dealt with the celebrity guests was particularly egregious with all of his dad jokes and forgetting what he was supposed to say.

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