The Internet Loses Its Mind Over #C*ntMug

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  • The C-word: not just for those kangaroo-fighting Australians anymore.

    The University of North Texas drew as much attention as it’ll ever draw this week when images of a mug emblazoned with its abbreviation surfaced that appeared to spell out… well, see for yourself:

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  • Call us dirty-minded, but that one’s pretty cut-and-dry to us. It’s pretty obviously the c-word in mug form. The only debate — and it’s a controversial one — is whether UNT knew what they were doing or not. At least one Twitter user has claimed UNT knew exactly how this would go down:

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  • Sadly, UNT has taken the mug down from their online store. But if you crave c*nt in your coffee, there’s this similar product on Etsy. Need equal gender representation? We got you covered, booboo.

    What do you think? Was #C*ntMug an accident, or is this all a ploy to get you to attend the University of North Texas? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!


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